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Thoughts and Reflections on African Migration and Settlement in Australia.

Thursday, August 05, 2004


Educated Africans now seem to be more willing to try their luck in other countries and are less tied up with the trappings of national identity than they were a few decades ago. Most have found greener pastures in Europe and the USA. A significant number are now finding their way to Australia.

“I like it here; this is a great country” said Iziegbe Ohonba as he munched his lunch at the Light Square Campus of Adelaide Institute of TAFE in South Australia. “The people are nice and willing to help”.

Iziegbe (friends call him Ez) is a well credentialed migrant with a good degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Benin in Nigeria.

He said he came to Australia because the country has many attractive features: “a strong economic profile and a very high standard of living”. And, above all, he added a “stable political system”.

It should be noted that Ez, who is only a few weeks old in Australia, is already showing signs of progress in his field of specialization; attending short-courses and seminars to upgrade his skills.

Trying to make the most of his new way of life, he has decided to enroll in an Employment Assistance Program for Skilled migrants – a process most career-minded migrants go though.

This is an Interlink SA program which provides in-house training and networking; as well as vocational placement for new migrants. It offers seminars run by industry guest speakers and consultants.

So, on the whole, Ez has found something very attractive about Australia and appears to be well adjusted to the new environment. All the best and good luck Ez!

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