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Thoughts and Reflections on African Migration and Settlement in Australia.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Sudanese in Tamworth

The road to paradise is not for the fainted-hearted; just ask the Sudanese refugees who are trying to settle in Tamworth, the so-called country music capital of Australia.

The Tamworth city council voted last year to reject an offer by the Australian Department of Immigration to settle the Sudanese families in the area, saying the town did not have the resources to cope.

But detractors of the local authority, including some members of Tamworth council are absolutely convinced that the decision was simply racist; arguing the city has the resources to look after 50,000 extra people every year when it holds its famous country music festival.

Weep not! This story has a happy ending. The Tamworth council has now reversed its decision to ban the Sudanese refugees in the area. And the African community leaders welcome the news.

This, indeed, is a great victory for the good citizens of Tamworth who fought (and continue to fight) for the rights of African migrants and refugees to live in the city.

The wheel of compassion turns ever so slowly.

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At 11:18 AM, Blogger logical said...

Dusgusting! That such an "open" and "welcoming" country, would even need deal with such an issue is simply...DISGUSTING! Racists prevent the progression of our nation.

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Mahesh said...

It is good to hear that the decision was reversed.

Are there any updates on how the Sudanese community in Tamworth are faring?


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