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Thoughts and Reflections on African Migration and Settlement in Australia.

Saturday, July 24, 2004


The Rhino Infotech is a new information technology venture established by the African migrants in South Australia.  Its principal objective is to make “cheap” computers widely available to its clients.  And provide basic training to the long term unemployed.  In fact, servicing the needs of the emerging African community has become the number one priority, for the new venture.

The new air of self-sufficiency is partly due to the perception in the African-Australian community that private investment is a good thing; and partly to the emergence of a new generation of African entrepreneurs capable of setting up new and innovative enterprises in their own right.

Essentially though, this genre of  entrepreneurs is responding to the opportunities available in Australian economy and society, and is thriving in record numbers.  So is the number of projects they manage.

The primary reasons for African business inclination is obvious: Africans  naturally hate the dole; preferring, instead, to work for a living.  And most Africans I know do work very hard indeed.

It should be noted that Rhino Infotech is the brain child of two versatile Nigerians, Justin Anyanwu and Emeka Oyenso, who have been in Australia since the mid-1990s.

Read the full story, “The Africans on the Move”  at http://africanrefugees.blogspot.com 

Sunday, July 18, 2004


Patrick Emodong (not his real name) came to Australia in the 1980s as a student from Uganda. He liked what he saw in the sprawling plains and beautiful cities of the land Down Under and has never looked back.
“Australia is a country with a great deal of opportunity”  he says quite convincingly, “if you really want to work hard and improve yourself…There are no barriers to progress”.
Patrick has obviously fallen in love with Australia, but what does the future hold for him and his family?  “The future is what you make it”  he says, “Africans must learn to take advantage of what Australia has to offer”.
What do you think?