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Thoughts and Reflections on African Migration and Settlement in Australia.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Improving Migrant Health and Wellbeing

It can only happen in Australia. The Migrant Health Service (TMHS) in South Australia provides free culturally sensitive medical and health care for the new arrivals; facilitating their wellbeing and easing the pain and trauma of transition.

Let the truth be known that TMHS is a migrant friendly institution. The doctors, nurses, and counsellors offer free and confidential service to individuals and families; including:
• Health checks for women, men and children
• Women’s health clinics run only by female health professionals
• Immunisation assessment and information
• Orientation to the Australian health care system
• Links to social and health services in the local area
• Counselling to individuals and families to help resolve personal and emotional problems from past experiences and current resettlement issues.

Furthermore, along with promoting health and wellbeing, The Migrant Health Service provides the new migrants and refugees with a golden opportunity to meet others, to make friends, and to share ideas.

The beauty of this scheme lies in its holistic approach to health. Important health information is often punctuated with critical thinking strategies and problem solving skills.

There are also support groups for women, men and older people based on their common needs.

Qualified interpreters are used to ensure clear understanding of the available health care services in Australia.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Working Habits of Migrants

The results of a recent study into the working habits of migrants show a significant increase in the number of skilled migrants working within six months of arriving in Australia.

According to The Advertiser newspaper report, migrants are now finding work quicker than ever before; but often it is not in their field of expertise.

The study also revealed that people with poor language skills are either unable to find work or are working in areas unrelated to their skills.