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Thoughts and Reflections on African Migration and Settlement in Australia.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Education and Training for Cultural Diversity

Regardless of occupation, all Australians and all Australian workers need diversity training, according to the new resource guide developed by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs.

There is an increasing awareness that learning about diversity and developing the skills to deal with it is important for all Australians.

In fact, Australia is a nation of migrants. 43 per cent of the country's population was born overseas or had at least one parent born overseas. More than 200 languages are spoken; including African languages such as Dinka, Swahili, and Somali.

The positive effects of diversity are not difficult to find. Australia’s cultural diversity provides businesses with:

• Language skills to provide enhanced services to customers

• Knowledge of consumer tastes and markets. 80 per cent of the top Australian export markets are in non-English speaking countries.

• Access to networks to promote new business both nationally and internationally.

Cultural diversity is everywhere in Australia: in schools, workplaces, and the community.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Recent Achievements of AFRICOM

The African Chamber of Commerce (AFRICOM) is a non-profit organization based in Adelaide city, South Australia.

Its mission is to promote trade, investment, and business networks between South Australia and African countries.

As an emerging chamber of commerce, AFRICOM has an impressive record of achievement; including the following:

• Hosted Ambassadors and representatives of several countries; including Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Botswana and Mauritius.

• Conducted trade missions to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) and Nairobi (Kenya).

• Participated in the Adelaide Epicurean.

• Supported the organization of the International Conference on Building and Construction “ICBC-DAR 04” to promote business between South Australia, Tanzania and other African countries.

• Won the Council for International Trade and Commerce’s Award for emerging chamber of the year (2003).

The AFRICOM is on a mission to improve trade relations with African countries and promote Australian goods, services, and expertise in Africa.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

African Chamber of Commerce

The African Chamber of Commerce (AFRICOM) is a non-profit organisation based in Adelaide city in South Australia.

Its principal objective is to improve bilateral trade relationship between Africa and Australia and to increase business and investment.

The Chamber was formed in 1993 to capitalize on the opportunities arising from the significant increase in African migration and settlement in the land Down Under.

Indeed, the phenomenon of African migration to Australia has already yielded some positive results. For example, it has led to an explosion of a diverse range of links with African countries, businesses, and non-governmental organisations.

AFRICOM will enhance these linkages, over time. The organisation is presently trying to build long-lasting relationships with African Chambers of Commerce and African investment and exports agencies, in order to bring sellers and buyers together.

Come to think of it, the AFRICOM’s mission is to create a positive climate for investment; building effective business networks between South Australia and the African communities.

In fact, AFRICOM is deliberately established to facilitate all forms of exchange and to maximize the positive effects of cultural diversity.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

African Forums Project

In recent years, South Australia has become home to a significant number of African migrants and refugees.

It is estimated that there are, currently, over 6000 people from African countries such as Burundi, Kenya, Senegal, Eritrea, Sudan, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe living in the State of South Australia.

The growing number of new arrivals reflects the global refugee situation and the Australian Government’s focus on humanitarian migration. Since nearly 50% of African refugees settling in South Australia are children, education and care are seen as the key factors in the resettlement process.

Consequently, the African Forums Project has been launched by the Multicultural Education Committee (MEC), an advisory body to the Minister for Education and Children’s Services in South Australia.

The principal aim of the project is to generate knowledge base for rational assessment of the education and training needs in the new and emerging African communities.

In fact, the MEC has already undertaken extensive consultation with a number of African community leaders. And this has, in turn, led to a series of informative and interactive forums that engaged educators, students, parents, and representatives of government and non-governmental organizations.

Meanwhile, there are clear indications that the MEC will continue the work of supporting African students and their families across all educational sectors in South Australia.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina's Wake!

With lightening speed from the heavens
She sacked the city of New Orleans
A city of love, laughter and music
Killing thousands;
Leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.

Oh Katrina
Why did you do it?
And why are you so cruel
And so merciless?